Scottish Drug Tariff Part 7

This is the Scottish Drug Tariff as published by ISD Scotland. Search, sort and filter the current drug tariff and gain a free market report for each drug.

DM+D VMPP ID Name Form Strength Quantity Price Change

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you made this?

We're passionate about community pharmacy. We believe community pharmacies are fundamental to our health system and we know that that the Drug Tariff is at the core of how these small businesses operate. Any inefficiencies have a profound impact on the level of care community pharmacies can provide and can take pharmacists away from their vital role in helping patients.

Why not use the tariff provided by NHS Scotland?

The way ISD Scotland/ NHS Scotland provide the drug tariff is outdated and inefficient. With the current system, already over-worked pharmacists have to manually check regularly for update and amendments, searching multiple Excel files. Excel is slow, clunky and a proprietary software that costs. We know we can do better using web technologies to give a real time searchable and up to date Drug Tariff information..

Can I get involved?

We'd love to talk to community pharmacists and pharmacy owners. We're a small team producing software product from our studio in Glasgow. Get in touch by email at – we look forward to hearing from you.